Special Event

September 11, 2003
Literaturaonline registered on Sept 11, some "bookcrossing" initiatives, encouraged in Brazil and around the world via internet ...
"Bookcrossing" is the act of democratizing reading through its most important object: the book.
It works like this: a person leaves a book in a public place (square, subway, museum, restaurant, café and others) with a tag. Afterwards, who got the book is part of a chain, leaving the same or other book in some public place so another person can be gifted..
Sept 11 was chosen to "officially" be the milestone of this practice in Brazil. There are already Brazilian "bookcrossers". For further information:
Literaturaonline invited and registered the participation of five remarkable celebrities famous for their devotion to books to, in places chosen by them, leave the books with a dedication for unknown passersby.
José Mindlin, Tatiana Belinky, Marcelino Freire, Sergio Dávila, Juca Varella and Mary Lou Paris accepted our invitation and were photographed spreading books around São Paulo city. In the pictures, simple gestures, however, with great attitude..
We preferred not to unfold this story (know who has taken the book, for instance) to keep the spontaneity and reinforce the attitude to donate to the planet. We decided that this contribution can and must be done by anyone, for anyone and that people have the right to own an abandoned book with this purpose as if it was a present.
But the mobilization must not just take place on Sept 11. Book exchange must, from now on, be part of the life of Brazilians who love literature and the book, and believe that only through democratization of this object (and its content) Brazil can be better.
Text: Renata Albuquerque
Report and Photos: Homero Sergio
English version: Vera Regina Cristofani
José Mindlin donated the book " RASM, Revista Anual do Terceiro Salão de Maio", from 1939, which includes Flávio de Carvalho's manifesto.
In the dedication, he wrote: "Hope someone finds this book, likes it, and also leaves a book somewhere to other people to find it."
José Mindlin leaves the book on the flowerbed of a building in Jardins area at 1pm.
The writer Tatiana Belinky, 84, donated the book "Combati o Bom Combate", by Ary Quintella.
She wrote: "To the 'finder' of this good book, of a good author, my wish of good reading and my hug".
Tatiana Belinky donated the book during "Saber 2003 Fair", where she gave a lecture about reading.
The journalists Juca Varella and Sergio Dávila participated in the event, invited by literaturaonline, and left a copy of "Diário de Bagdá", on a Vilaboim bench, in the morning of Sept 11. Photo: Juca Varella
"Adopt this book"- That this Sept 11 be remembered as the day of donation, exchange of energy and generosity. Reading about war, broadcast peace!"Photo: Juca Varella
Sergio Dávila also left a copy of the book "New York".Photo: Juca Varella
The writer from Pernambuco Marcelino Freire chose a public telephone in front of FNAC Pinheiros, at 2pm, to donate a book.
"Here it is. It's yours. A book of one of the best writers in the country. Yes, it's for you. You can take Jamil home. And also my hug, invisible."
Marcelino left , on a public telephone, the book "Como Tornar-se Invisível em Curitiba", by Jamil Snege.
Mary Lou Paris, director of Editora Terceiro Nome, donated the book "Allegro", by Fernando Portela.
"From now on, I want Sept 11 to be, all over the world, a laughter day, of love, good mood and happiness. Because of this I leave for you, unknown reader, a symbol-book of good mood that Allegro has just released. Good reading, great joy".
Mary Lou Paris left the book on a bench in Alto da Boa Vista square.
Homero Sergio de Moura is a journalist and editor. He worked for Folha de São Paulo, O Globo do Rio de Janeiro, magazine Istoé and Diário Popular. Nowadays, as a free-lancer, he has been working for press agencies, publishing houses and outsourcing companies.
e-mail: homero.sergio@terra.com.br
Renata de Albuquerque is a journalist graduate of Faculdade Cásper Líbero and works as a free-lancer in publications of the cultural area. Has worked with literature since 2000. Besides working for Literaturaonline, she collaborates with other publications, such as magazine Cult and Capitú site. Was journalist in charge of magazine Insight (about psychoanalysis) and editor-assistant of magazine
e-mail: realbuquerque@uol.com.br
Vera Regina Cristofani is a journalist graduate of Faculdade Cásper Líbero and an English teacher. As a journalist, worked for Folha de São Paulo, Editora Abril, Rádio Gazeta. Nowadays is a free-lancer for Kalunga magazine in the educational and linguistic area. Also works with English translation.
e-mail: vrcristofani@bol.com.br